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Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Biographical information on Winston Churchill

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Churchill's parents

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Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill

Jenny Jacobson/Jerome

Churchill's marital history and family tree

John Winston Churchill

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1822 - 1883

Leonard Jacobson/Jerome

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1817 - 1891

Lord Randolph Churchill


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Jennie Jacobson/Jerome


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1854 - 1921

Winston Spencer Churchill


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Clementine Churchill


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Churchill's children

Randolph (1911-68) Marigold (1918 - 1921)
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Mary (1922- ) Diana (1909-63) Sarah (1914-82)
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Some history

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1650- 1722 ...First Duke of Marlborough

John Churchill (1650-1722), son of an impoverished country gentleman, was the greatest military leader that Britain has ever produced. He brilliantly led the combined armies of Britain, Austria and Holland against Louis XIV of France.

Queen Anne made him Duke of Marlborough.

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1822 - 1883... ( Winston's grandfather )

John Winston Spencer Churchill was born on 02 Jun 1822 in Garboldisham Hall, Garboldisham, Norfolk.

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Lord Randolph ( Winston's Father )

1844 - 1892

Randolph's rise was so rapid- in July 1886 "Randy", age 37, became simultaneously chancellor of the exchequer and leader of the House of Commons.

His brother was involved in a scandal - he went to Prince of Wales and was accused of blackmail and challenged to a duel. Queen Victoria became aware of the situation and the duel never took place. Instead, Lord Randolph was banished to a government post in Ireland. Randolph career collapsed he turned to drink and drugs and finally died of syphilis.

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Jenny Jacobson Churchill ( Winston's mother )

1854 - 1921

She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was a financier, owner of NY Times, involved in Broadway and horse tracks. Her socialite mother took the daughters to Paris to find royalty. She met Lord Randolph at Cowes during the yachting festival. She became pregnant and her father paid Lord Randolph a sum of $ 2.5 mil ( 2004 equivalent ). As soon as this settlement was reached they were married, on 15 April 1874 at the British embassy in Paris.

The wedding was a hushed and rushed affair with of none of the splendor that an international society wedding of such wealth and standing would normally receive, no public ceremony, and little mention in the press.

The Duke and Duchess [of Marlborough] were conspicuously absent. Her second son Jack, 1880-1947 was born in the Irish capital at the beginning of 1880 and it is believed different father from Winston Churchill, a Irish nobleman, Col. John Strange Jocelyn was responsible.

1910 Jennie marries George Cornwallis West ( 20 yr. his senior ) - they divorced in 1914.

1918 Jennie was married for a third time to Montague Phippen Porch

wpe18B.jpg (3158 bytes) George Cornwallis .... Jennie Churchill's second husband.
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Montague Phippen Porch - Jennie's third husband.
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Leonard Jerome - Churchill's wife's father

Proprietor, and editor, of the New York Times, who used gattling guns on his striking employees. He was a stock speculator, and a close friend of August Belmont, Sr nee Schoenberg, American representative of the Rothschild family's banking. He had interests in Broadway theaters, race tracks and railroads.

He was plagued by scandals such as (Minnie Hauk was believed to be his illegitimate daughter). He changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome.

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Winston's brother ...1880 - 1947

John Strange Spencer Churchill the illegitimate son from one of many affairs that Churchill's mother had.

Clarissa Hall (16 Jul 1825 - 2 Apr 1895)

Jennie's mother

BIRTH: 16 Jul 1825, Palmyra, Wayne County, NY

DEATH: 2 Apr 1895, Tunbridge Well, England, buried in Brookland New York

Winston Churchill's history

Born: 1874-1965

Raised: England

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Speculation was that Lord Churchill was not Winston's father.Winston's putative father treated Winston with distance and disdain. The non-existent father-son "relationship" was thought to evolve from Winston's illegitimacy.

Winston's mother, Jenny Churchill (née Jacobson) was a notorious adulteress. Jenny Churchill's promiscuity was so infamous that ZOG Court Historian William Manchester commented on it in detail in Volume 1 of his now to be permanently incomplete Churchill "trilogy," The Last Lion.

wpe191.jpg (4579 bytes) Winston at Harrow (1887-1893).
wpe192.jpg (5142 bytes) Winston as a cavalry cadet at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
wpe194.jpg (4424 bytes) Newsman for the Daily Telegraph. 1897
wpe195.jpg (5053 bytes) Winston is again a war-correspondent, this time for The Morning Post. His salary is £250 per month. 1899
wpe196.jpg (6146 bytes) 1902
wpe197.jpg (4640 bytes) In 1900, he ran for parliament as a Conservative and won a seat.
wpeF0.jpg (2179 bytes) Gets married 1908

In 1911 he was named First Lord of the Admiralty and presided over the British navy before the outbreak of World War I.

The Dardanelles expedition, a plan to outflank the Germans, was a disaster for the British military. It had been his idea and as a result Churchill lost his admiralty post in 1915 and was sent to serve on the front lines in France.

In January 1916 he was appointed as Lieutenant Colonel of the 6th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Re-elected in 1917 he was named minister of munitions and later secretary of state for war and air from 1918 to 1921. As colonial secretary in 1921-22, he helped negotiate the treaty to set up Ireland.

Between 1922 and 1924 Churchill left the Liberal party and rejoined the Conservatives. He was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer - a position he held until the election of 1929.. He was defeated at the next election.

Between 1929 and 1939, Churchill was out of office but wrote much and stayed in the public eye.In December 1931, Churchill, while on a lecture tour of the United States, was hit by a car in New York and was nearly killed.

wpe10C.jpg (6277 bytes) Churchill's real mentor

His tie with Churchill is a puzzle. Churchill was temperamentally a gambler and he lost a lot of money on the stock exchange. Bernard Baruch assured him that he would make good any of his losses.

Whether that was simply because of the Churchill-Roosevelt friendship or whether Baruch thought he would be useful to the Jewish cause is not clear. We do not know if Churchill made any commitment to Baruch. Churchill's hostility to Nazism seems not to have been the result of this, but rather prior to this.



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