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Thursday 15 April 2004

Who Owns The TV Networks ?

Eustace Mullins

Many observers have noticed the striking similarity of the programs offered to the public by the three "independent" television networks. For the first time, we present a detailed study of the directors of the three networks, revealing their interlocking banking and industrial connections, indicating that, instead of three major networks, we actually have only one.

NBC, a subsidiary of RCA, has the following directors:

John Brademas, president of New York University, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which dominates the other Federal Reserve Banks by its control of the money market), and director of the Rockefeller Foundation. Brademas has received the George Peabody Award (George Peabody established the Peabody Educational Fund which later became the Rockefeller Foundation), and he was named Humanist of the Year in 1978.

Cecily B. Selby, born in London England, national director of the Girl Scouts, director of Avon Products and Loehmann's, a dress firm. She is married to James Coles, president of Bowdoin College since 1952.

Peter G. Peterson, former head of Kuhn, Loeb Co., and ex-Secretary of Commerce.

Robert Cizik, chairman of Cooper Industries (sales of $1.5 billion), and director of RCA and First City Bancorp. First City was identified in Congressional testimony as one of the three Rothschild banks in the United States.

Thomas O. Paine, president of Northrup Co., a large defense contractor. Paine is a director of the influential Institute of Strategic Studies in London, director of the Institute of Metals, London, American Ordnance Assn., and many other professional munitions associations.

Donald Smiley, chairman R.H. Macy Co. since 1945; he is also a director of Metropolitan Life and U.S. Steel, known as Morgan-controlled firms, and director of Ralston-Purina Co., and Irving Trust.

David C. Jones, president of Consolidated Contractors, director of U.S. Steel, Kemper Insurance Co.

Thornton Bradshaw, chairman of RCA, director of Champion Paper Co., Atlantic Richfield Oil Co., Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies.

Although not listed as a director of NBC, Andrew Sigler is a director of its parent company, RCA. Sigler is chairman of Champion Paper Co., and director of General Electric, Bristol Myers, and Cabot Corp. (which traditionally has had heavy CIA involvement).

Thus we find that NBC has many Rothschild and J.P. Morgan connections among its directors, who include the chairman of the key to our monetary control, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and other directors associated with such Rothschild operations as Kuhn, Loeb Co., First City Bancorp, and the Institute of Strategic Studies in London.

ABC-TV includes among its directors not one, but two, directors of J.P. Morgan Co.: Ray Adam, director of Metropolitan Life, Cities Service, Morgan Guaranty Trust, and chairman of the $2 billion NL Industries a petroleum field service concern; and Frank Cary, chairman of IBM, director of Merck, J.P. Morgan Co., Morgan Guaranty Trust, and Merck Drugs. Chairman of ABC is Leonard Goldenson who is a director of Allied Stores, and the Advertising Council, and Bankers Trust. Other directors are Donald C. Cook, general partner of Lazard Freres banking house, director of General Dynamics, and Amerada Hess; Leon Hess, chairman of Amerada Hess; John T. Connor, of the Kuhn Loeb law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, who was former Asst. Secretary of the Navy, president of Merck Drugs, U.S. Secretary of Commerce 1965-67, chairman of Allied Chemical from 1969-79, director Chase Manhattan Bank, General Motors, Warner Lambert, and chairman of J. Henry Schroder Bank, and Schroders Inc. of London; Jack Hausman, vice chairman of Belden-Heminway, a large goods manufacturer which was founded by Samuel Hausman of Austria; Thomas M. Macioce, chairman of Allied Stores, director of Penn Central and Manufacturers Hanover Trust, one of the Rothschild banks in the United States; George P. Jenkins, chairman of Metropolitan Life (a J.P. Morgan firm), director of Citibank, which has many Rothschild connections, St. Regis Paper, Bethlehem Steel, and W.R. Grace Co.; Martin J. Schwab, chairman of United Manufacturers, and director of Manufacturers Hanover, a Rothschild bank; Norma T. Pace, who is also director of Sears Roebuck, Sperry, 3M and Vulcan; Alan Greenspan, consultant to the Federal Reserve Board, director of J.P. Morgan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Hoover Institution, Time and General Foods; Ulric Haynes Jr., director of the Ford Foundation, Marine Midland Bank (which is owned by the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank), Cummins Engine Co., and the Association of Black Ambassadors.

Thus we see many J.P. Morgan and Rothschild associations among the directors of ABC which was recently purchased by Capital Cities Communications Co., whose chairman is Thomas S. Murphy. He is a director of Texaco, whose most prominent director is Robert Roosa, senior partner of Brown Bros. Harriman, a firm with close tics to the Bank of England. Roosa headed the "Roosa Brain Trust" at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which produced Paul Volcker. Roosa and David Rockefeller were credited with selecting Volcker to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. John McKinley, chairman of Texaco, is director of Manufacturers Hanover Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust, identified as Rothschild controlled in Congressional testimony. Other directors of Texaco are the Earl of Granard; Willard C. Butcher, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank; and Thomas Aquinas Vanderslice, who is chairman of the electronics firm GTE, and a former Fulbright Scholar who is now trustee of the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies.

Of the three major networks, CBS is the pillar of the "Establishment." Its financial expansion for years was directed by Brown Bros. Harriman, whose senior partner, Prescott Bush, was a longtime director of CBS. (His son, George, is now Vice-President of the U.S.) When General Westmoreland sought to recover damages from CBS for a vicious personal assault on his reputation, Westmoreland seemed certain to win a stunning victory, until CBS brought in former CIA officials who testified that Westmoreland's claims had no basis. George Bush was formerly head of the CIA. Westmoreland surrendered, and withdrew his suit.

Ted Turner's expressed intention of buying control of CBS was applauded by millions of patriotic Americans, who had endured its vicious assaults on decent Americans with no means of protest. However, Turner's campaign was viewed in London as a direct attack on the power of the Bank of England and its American subsidiary, Brown Bros. Harriman. Turner was finally deterred from his goal by a clever maneuver which diverted him into purchasing MGM-United Artists, one of whose directors is Alexander Haig, former White House intimate and Secretary of State, later chairman of United Technologies. Turner believed he was buying MGM's extensive library of films for his WTBS channel, but the Wall Street Journal later chortled that he had been tricked, and that most of the film library had been sold before he negotiated for MGM. To finance his purchase of MGM-United Artists, Turner intended to borrow $1.5 billion through Drexel Burnham Lambert, the American branch of Banque Bruxelles Lambert, the Belgian branch of the Rothschild operations.

CBS is a $4.5 billion a year operation, which banks through the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. William S. Paley, heir to a cigar fortune, has been chairman of CBS for many years. To those who do not know of CBS's many CIA and British Intelligence connections, he is supposed to run it as a one-man operation.

Directors of CBS are Harold Brown, who was Secretary of the Air Force from 1963-69, Secretary of Defense from 1977-81, and is now executive director of the Trilateral Commission;

Roswell Gilpatric, who has been with the Kuhn Loeb law firm of Cravath Swaine and Moore since 1931, and served as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1973-76;

Henry B. Schacht, chairman Cummins Engine Co., director of AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institution, and Committee for Economic Development;

Michael C. Bergerac, chairman Revlon, director Manufacturers Hanover;

James D. Wolfensohn, former head of J. Henry Schroder Bank; Franklon A. Thomas, head of the Ford Foundation;

Walter Cronkite;

Newton D. Minow, director of Rand Corp., Pan American, Foote Cone & Belding;

Marietta Tree, director of Winston Churchill Foundation, Ditchley Foundation, U.S. Trust, and Salomon Bros. She is a granddaughter of Endicott Peabody, founder of Groton, which trains America's elite. She married Ronald Tree, a high official of British intelligence, and godson of Marshall Field. She and her husband gave an ancestral estate, Ditchley Park, to the Ditchley Foundation. Located near Cambridge, it was W. Averell Harriman's headquarters during World War II when he coordinated the partnership of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, who actively disliked and distrusted each other. They usually checked with Harriman before agreeing to any action. The Ditchley Foundation serves as a conduit for instructions to many American groups from the Tavistock Institute, an arm of the British Army Institute for Psychological Warfare. Marietta Tree's career gave rise to the term "beautiful people," to describe members of a glittering international set that represented the operations of the World Order. She began working for Nelson Rockefeller in 1942, and later served as Ambassador to the United Nations.

One victim of the CIA-British Intelligence operations at CBS was Roger Mudd, generally considered the brightest star among television reporters. A direct descendant of Dr. Samuel Mudd, who spent years as a political prisoner after the Civil War, Roger Mudd had a brilliant 19 year career at CBS, but was passed over as successor to Walter Cronkite in favor of Dan Rather. The excuse was that he was not "vicious enough," but the real reason was that he had "sand-bagged his chances" (according to the Wall Street Journal), in 1980 when he conducted a revealing interview with Teddy Kennedy which destroyed Kennedy's chances of being elected President.

Because of continuous Tavistock Institute - British Army Institute of Psychological Warfare control over the major television networks in the United States, ABC, CBS, and NBC present many programs heavily slanted in favor of psychiatry. They also emphasize the current "liberal" preoccupation with racial integration, crippled persons (who represent less of a threat to the mewling parasites), sports programs, and jiggle shows (also known in the trade as "t and a shows").

Although the three networks are supposedly in bloodthirsty competition with each other, viewing of the daily evening news programs reveals that each of the competing networks shows exactly the same items of news each evening, usually in the same order. Almost all of the "news" stories are propaganda items intended to further current World Order goals. The only variations permitted in the iron control over network TV news is the final item, which is a "human interest" story. It usually praises a child who has collected considerable sums of money for UNICEF, or some other World Order operation.

For many months, the three "independent" networks have emphasized a hate campaign against South Africa on their evening news presentations. One could hardly believe that they are attempting to "conquer" South Africa for the World Order, because the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers won control of the rich South African gold and diamond fields in the Boer War of 1899. Today, DeBeers, the diamond monopoly, is operated by Oppenheimer and the Rothschilds, as is the gold mining, exemplified by their ownership of the giant Anglo-American Corp. of South Africa, Ltd. Apparently, the parasites would like to exterminate the Boer population of South Africa, which has lived there for three centuries, and replace it entirely with black workers. Some observers might call this "genocide." Each evening, the three networks outdo each other in their campaign of vilification of the white citizens of South Africa. The rioting and looting committed by the blacks, as well as the vicious murders of their fellow blacks, are glossed over by the news reports as inevitable results of "white oppression." As usual, there is a more immediate benefit gained from this continuous propaganda barrage. The Rothschilds have profited enormously from currency speculations in the rand, i.e. the South African dollar. In a few months, they were able to drive the rand down from a value of $1.35, to thirty-five cents, selling short all the way. On September 2, 1985, they ran it back up to a full ten cents, from thirty-five to forty-five cents. This might seem small change to non-investors, but it has paid off handsomely for the speculators. The fact that the network hate campaign continues unabated suggests that there is still plenty of money to be made in the rand.

On July 31, 1985, the Chase Manhattan Bank announced it would not renew any loans to South Africa. Businessweek, Aug. 12, 1985, reported that this threw South African business into a panic. The bankers then demanded that South Africa give blacks the vote. Gavin Relly, chairman of the giant Oppenheimer-Rothschild conglomerate, Anglo-American Carp., tried to force Botha's government to acceded to these demands. Botha refused. Relly then went to Zambia to negotiate with the Communist-dominated African National Congress, preparatory to turning South Africa over to them.

The similarity of the major networks evening "news" programs has given rise to a report that, each day, a list of ten or twelve "acceptable" news stories is prepared by British Intelligence in London for the networks, teletyped to Washington, where the CIA routinely approves it, and then delivered to the networks. The "selectivity" of the broadcasters has never been in doubt. Edith Efron, in "The News Twisters," (Manor Books, N.Y., 1972) cites TV Guide's interview with David Brinkley, April 11, 1964, with Brinkley's declaration that "News is what I say it is. It's something worth knowing by my standards." This was merely vainglorious boasting on Brinkley's part, as he merely reads the news stories previously selected for him.

Efron concludes this important book, which was refused by all the major New York publishers, as follows:

The networks actively slanted their opinion coverage against U.S. policy on the Vietnam war.

The networks actively slanted their opinion coverage in favor of the black militants and against U.S. policy on the Vietnam war.

The networks largely avoided the issue of violent radicals.

The networks actively favored the Democratic candidate, Hubert Humphrey, for President over his Republican opponent, Richard Nixon.

Efron could not foresee in 1972 that, having lost the election to Nixon, the networks would engage in a successful bid to negate the election and drive him from the White House through their trumped up "Watergate" campaign.

It seems incredible that there are literally thousands of interesting and vital news items from all over the world available to the networks' evening "news" programs, and yet they are restricted to the ten or twelve stories approved by London. The American public has known for years that something was amiss. As cable programs became available, there were mass defections from the networks propaganda vehicles. Some authorities report that the three networks have lost 40% of their viewing audience, although they are desperately trying to conceal this. If forced to revise their advertising rates according to their actual viewing audience, they would be technically bankrupt, as their revenues would not cover operating expenses.

Television is a medium of light. It is a reflection upon all of us that we have allowed it to be taken over by the forces of darkness. What has been taken from us can be regained. Taxation is the medium by which the parasites maintain economic control over us because we refuse to admit the obvious fact that "TAXATION IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR IRRESPONSIBILITY."

We advise Americans to go to the United States Attorney and ask for an investigation of Criminal Syndicalism. We have exposed in great detail the interlocking Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Federal Reserve control of television and the goals of the World Order which they espouse. There are adequate laws on the books which forbid all of these activities. Corpus Juris Secundum 46, Insurrection and Sedition, sec. 461c, "Sabotage and syndicalism aiming to abolish the present political and social system, including direct action and sabotage." Corpus Juris Secundum 46:462b, "Statutes against criminal syndicalism apply to corporations as well as to individuals organizing or belonging to criminal syndicalist society; evidence of the character and activities of other organizations in which the accused is a member or is affiliated is admissible." This means that any of the networks presenting a program inimicable to the interests of the American nation, and socking to change its character to that of a "1984" style dictatorship, can be charged under the law of the United States.

Corpus Juris Secundum 22A identifies Criminal Syndicalism: "In a prosecution for being a member of an organization which teaches and abets criminal syndicalism, evidences of crimes committed by past or present members of the organization in their capacity as members is admissible to show its character," People v. LaRue, 216 P 627 CA 276. This means that you can introduce into a charge of criminal syndicalism any information about activities of any organization with which any director of any television corporation is involved. LOOK INTO IT !

Have you ever asked that question: Who Is Running America?


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