"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Monday 29 March 2004

The Scandal Unveiled

By Eustace Mullins

The Wall Street Journal has led the expose of the current financial scandals which have supposedly rocked Wall Street. They have given us endless details about Dennis Levine and Ivan Boesky; they have even been forced to mention the name of Drexel Burnham Lambert, investment bankers extraordinary. What they have not done is to tell the American public just what is going on -- who is doing what to whom.

You will read here for the first time the names of the major players, names which the Wall Street Journal dares not mention. The first name is Rothschild. Not once has the Wall Street Journal, during its current "expose", dared to mention the vital information that Drexel Burnham Lambert (pronounced Lambeer), is the New York branch of Banque Bruxelles Lambert, of Brussels, Belgium or that the enormously wealthy and powerful Lamberts are the Belgian branch of the Rothschild family. Baron Lambert is regularly listed as an attendee at Bilderberger meetings.

The Wall Street Journal would have you believe that a greedy young stockbroker, Dennis Levine, a minor figure at Drexel Burnham Lambert, cut himself in on some upcoming deals at his firm and stashed $12 million in an offshore bank; that he was contacted by one Ivan Boesky, an "arbitrator" (read "rag and bone man" see The World Order by Eustace Mullins for further information), who offered Levine a contract whereby Boesky would pay Levine 5% of profits which Boesky made from stock trades involving inside information provided him by Levine. Said contract, of course was illegal; not only that, but it was a "breach of ethics", only the top officials of these firms being allowed to profit from such information. It was not for the clerks.

Let me tell you what was really going on. While Boesky and Levine were engaged in their penny ante operations, a gigantic financial plot, one might well say swindle, was being conducted to gain control of the major corporations for alien interests. The plot, quite simply, was to "buy" out or leverage these corporations by a consortium of international financiers who had unlimited capital at their command. The beauty of the plan was that, despite their unlimited capital, the conspirators would not put up any capital. Instead, they would create a new type of financial instrument, called a "junk bond", to pay for their seizure of these American corporations. The financial writers of the U.S. routinely refer to Drexel Burnham Lambert as the "creators of the junk bond". This is nonsense. The plan originated in Brussels, Belgium, at the offices of Banque Bruxelles Lambert. It is no accident that Brussels is the headquarters of NATO, which actually rules Europe in the name of the World Order, or that the head of NATO is Lord Carrington, a Rothschild relative, and partner of Henry Kissinger in the notorious international operation known as "Kiss Ass", an irreverent Wall Street title for the firm of Kissinger Associates, wheelers and dealers for the World Order. Nor is it an accident that in the current White House crisis, as Reagan stands convicted in the eyes of the world as an international conspirator caught with his hands in the till with his Israeli co-conspirators, who had to be hastily summoned to "take over" the situation ? None other than Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, a partner in Kissinger Associates ! Scowcroft is also a trustee of the Rand Corp., Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, and the US Air Force University; Lord Carrington has very close ties with the British royal Family, and is a director of continued on page Rio Tinto, one of the three firms on which the Rothschild fortune is based.

Brussels is also the location of the World Computer Center, set up by Bank Rothschild to maintain computer records on every inhabitant of the world, who will thus be ruled from "World Headquarters". To understand this power, we must go back two hundred years in history. While the American colonists were fighting to win their independence, the British Crown cast about for some top combat troops who could put down the "rebels". The King was offered some seasoned troops, Hessians, by a minor German potentate, the Elector of Hesse. When the Elector received payment for his mercenaries, he entrusted the proceeds to a financial adviser, one Mayer Amschel Bauer of Frankfurt, Germany, later known as Rothschild. Rothschild invested the funds very profitably; the Elector suddenly died, and a new dynasty was born. With their new-found wealth, the Rothschilds developed a new technique, not merely for controlling one nation, but for controlling all nations simultaneously. The technique was simple. They would create a bogeyman, an evil militarist intent on conquering the entire world; the altruistic Rothschilds would finance "allies" to oppose and crush the evil fanatic. The first "monster" created by the new dynasty of international financiers was Napoleon. He was allowed to march across Europe, winning victory after victory against straw man opponents (the "fight game" has been manipulated by the Jacobs family in the U.S. for decades using the same technique). When the "dictator" had been built up to world class status, a phalanx of nations was financed and armed by the Rothschilds to rise up against him. Napoleon, who had been led to believe he had no serious opposition, was stunned to find at Waterloo that he had been betrayed by his own generals. In 1914, the Kaiser was the "monster" before whom civilization quailed; again benefactors were found to oppose him, the Morgans and Kuhn, Leob Co., acting as lieutenants for the Rothschilds, armed the "Allies" against the German militarists who tossed babies on their bayonets. In 1939, another "monster", Adolf Hitler, financed by the Bank of England, again menaced civilization. Once again, the only victor was the Rothschild family.

The Rothschild technique was a simple one; after setting up a central bank, the Rothschilds controlled a nation by controlling the issuance of money and credit. They then embarked on a ruinous program of armaments, financed by progressively higher and higher taxation, which reduced the citizens to the status of serfs. The munitions program, of course, was absolutely necessary because there would always be a "Rothschild-created monster" on the horizon. After defeating Napoleon, the Rothschilds brought the victorious allies together at the Rothschild headquarters, Vienna, for the Congress of Vienna in 1515. What has this to do with our current scandal ? Be patient. The mastermind of the present Drexel Burnham Lambert operation is a former partner of Banque Rothschild, Sir James Goldsmith. He is married to his third wife, the daughter of the Marquis of Londenderry, Viscount Castlereagh. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the negotiations were dominated by her ancestor, Viscount Castlereagh, the famed foreign minister of England. Castlereagh apparently did not understand at the time that his negotiations were designed to create a new ruler in Europe, the Rothschild family. Castlereagh was minister plenipotentiary of the victors at Waterloo, the British Crown. With him was his half-brother and heir, Lord Charles Stewart, British Ambassador to Vienna. At the Treaty of Paris, Castlereagh achieved his principal objective in France, to solidify the control of the Bourbons. Sir James Goldsmith's second wife had been Laure Boulay de la Meurthe, niece of the Comte de Paris, present head of the Bourbon family and pretender to the throne of France.

Viscount Castlereagh owed his spectacular rise to the fact that he was the godson of his uncle, Lord Camden (Charles Pratt), who served as attorney general of England and president of the Privy Council. Lord Camden frequently lent money to the Prime Minister, William Pitt, and became the power behind the Pitt ministry. The Pratt family has also been prominent behind the scenes in the United States. Pratt was John D. Rockefeller's partner in Standard Oil, and gave his New York mansion as the present headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations. His descendant, George Pratt Schultz, is now Secretary of State.

In 1822, Viscount Castlereagh realized how he had handed Europe over to the Rothschilds as a result of his actions at the Congress of Vienna. He became extremely depressed, realizing it was too late to rectify his acts. He had an audience with George IV, saying to him, "Sire, it is necessary to say good-bye to Europe." He then went to his home and committed suicide, cutting his catotid artery with a small penknife. There has been considerable speculation about his sudden depression and suicide, notably in "the Strange Death of Castlereagh" by H. Montgomery Hyde, a well-known British historian. Hyde suggests he may have been depressed by a false accusation of an act of homosexuality, or that he may have been given a drug which produced extreme depression.

Because Castlereagh delivered Europe into the hands of the Rothschilds through his diplomacy, Henry Kissinger openly modelled his own diplomatic career after Castlereagh (excepting, of course, the suicide). He reveals this resolve in his book, "A World Restored", Grusset & Dunlap 1964, which he dedicated to McGeorge Bundy of the Ford Foundation. Kissinger's goal, which he followed as Secretary of State, was to perpetuate the Rothschild world hegemony enthroned at the Congress of Vienna, which had been described by von Gentz, secretary to Prince von Metternich, as follows: "The real purpose of the Congress was to divide among the conquerors the spoils taken from the vanquished." From the Congress of Vienna came the phrases "Austrian School of Politics", and the "Austrian School of Economics" presently epitomized by Milton Friedman, in which Rothschild financial schemes are used to carry out Rothschild political goals.

Sir James Goldsmith's grandfather was financial adviser to Bismarck during the rise of the German Empire. Goldsmith first married Isabel Patino, heiress to the tin fortune of the Patino family, which had also been backed by the Rothschilds. Isabel Patino died mysteriously; Goldsmith then married the niece of the Bourbon heir, and third, the descendant of Viscount Castlereagh. Goldsmith is now bidding for Channel 5, the French TV station; he owns L'Express, the biggest news-weekly in France; Lire, a major book periodical, and La Cite de France, the largest French book publisher. He also owns a weekly newspaper in Belgium. The Wall Street Journal reported that Goldsmith made $93 million profit in a recent $600 million takeover attempt at Goodyear.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Goldsmith was a major partner of Boesky in his operations, having invested $3 million of Drexel Burnham Lambert funds in the Boesky deal. Boesky's other major partners were Milton and Joseph Dresner, $10 million; Marty Peretz, publisher of the fanatically pro-Israeli publication, the New Republic, $1 million; and Lewis Lehrman, famed "conservative" backer of Ronald Reagan, the Lehrman Institute, and the Heritage Foundation, $1 million.

Boesky was characterized in the Washington Post of Nov. 21, 1986 as follows: "Boesky is known for his passion for the State of Israel and Jewish causes." He was appointed to the notorious Holocaust Commission by President Reagan, for whom he had been active as a fund-raiser. These connections stood him in good stead when Sorkin of the Securities Exchange Commission announced a supposedly heavily punitive assessment against Boesky, an unprecedented $100 million, of which $50 million was a fine and $50 million for "restitution" to investors. This seemed a drastic penalty, but the Wall Street Journal promptly pointed out that $25 million of this fine will be allowed as a tax deduction for Boesky. The SEC also outraged Wall Street investors by allowing Boesky to unload $440 million worth of stocks before announcing their punitive action against him. These stocks, principally holdings of Time, CSX and Goodyear which Boesky had been buying for future takeover action, immediately dropped 15% in value, which meant that Boesky picked up about $70 million in profits by unloading them, while other Wall Street investors lost heavily. Merrill Lynch alone lost $40 million because of Boesky's stock dumping. At the same time, Morgan Stanley's real estate division is selling Boesky's Beverly Hills Hotel (Boesky married the daughter of Ben Silberstein, who owned this hotel) for $140 million, of which Boesky will receive half, or $70 million. The SEC also is continuing to allow Boesky to trade stocks until April, 1988, which caused further anger among investors who have been damaged by his manipulations. Boesky also was rumored to have made video tapes of some of his associates while discussing these manipulations, but later stories said he had only made audio tapes of their dealings with him. A source commented to the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 21, 1986, "First he sold his friends to the government, then he sold his stocks to his friends."

The American public is not likely to be informed that Boesky's profits, large though they may seem, are minuscule compared to the profits made in these takeovers by the major players, Sir James Goldsmith, and his partners, the Rothschilds. Our "investigative reporters" are not allowed to go beyond the straw men, nor have they ever heard of the Congress of Vienna, where these formulae were developed. The American people are misled into concerns about tax reform, while their manipulators prepare the sheep for the shearing, business as usual.

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