"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

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The Unrevealed in History



The 100 Historical "Mysteries" Explained

By Maj.-Gen., Count Cherep-Spiridovich


Ed Warning: This book may contain what we term today as "white racism" or "hate Speach" and is presented here for research purposes on the racist elite Jewish Satanists that control our lives.
Jewish Congress Organized Nazis Party
Jews behind Nazi Parties (The Ku Klux Klan) (Fuehrer of The American Nazi Party) etc...
US Rabbi calls on Israel to kill Palestinian 'women, children and cattle' as a moral war

General Cherep-Spiridovich Extolled as Prophet


"Spiridovich is the Slav Pope - Spiridovich is the Slav Bismarck" - acknowledged the "Russkoye Slovo," Russia's greatest paper .

"Nothing has happened, nothing was told since 1914, that General Spiridovich did not foresee, foretell and repeat a hundred times with the fiery, passionate stubbornnesss, which is the distinguishing quality of the seers and prophets," - "L'Information," in Paris, on December 27, 1915

"So Count Spiridovich prophesied exactly ten years ago. Few prophets have been more thoroughly justified than he . Today is the tenth anniversary of an astounding prophecy of his, which appeared on our pages, Dec . 19, 1908,"- The Editor of the "Daily Graphic" on Dec. 19, 1918:

"General Cherep-Spiridovich has the credentials as a successful PROPHET" - "Financial News," on January 24, 1919:

"The XXth Century Prophet," a "PROPHETIC GENIUS," - "The Christian Commonwealth" in February, 1919

"Count Spiridovich has a more intimate knowledge of the Russian problem than almost anyone who has visited this country. He has very definite ideas about what should be done to save the world from Bolshevism . The General should be consulted by those in authority. His profound and intimate knowledge should be at their service. His book, ''Towards Disaster," published in 1913, predicted what would happen in Russia in the event of a European War and this, like his other predictions, has shown that he possesses an uncanny intuition," - "Daily Chronicle,"

The famous Mr . Robert Donald, President of the British Empire's Press, in his own "The Yorkshire Observer," on April 25th, 1919: "The accurate fulfilment of all the forecasts of Gen . Spiridovich gives to his advice a great weight . His foresight approaches the MIRACULOUS . His detailed knowledge of affairs and men would not be sufficient to explain this gift ."

'' La Vieille France," Paris, July 29, 1920:"Count Spiridovich may justly claim to be the possessor of a faculty for foreseeing events in the political world, which entitles him to be called a PROPHET in all seriousness . His book, "Towards Disaster ; Dangers and Remedies" (1913), proved him to be possessed of a PRETERNATURAL intuition,"

Lord Alfred Douglas, Editor of "Plain English" on Sept 25th, 1920: "Count Cherep-Spiridovich is one of the best informed world politicians, whose sincerity and devotion to the truth no one can doubt. He has taught me morepolitical history in a year than I had previously learned in my whole life, 62 years,"

"Asiatic Review," on Dec. 3rd, 1920: The late Ambassador of Italy, Baron Mayor de Planches, gave an interview in New York in April, 1907, when in "The New York Times," on Aprii 17, 1907, appeared the General's letter (foretelling the 2 Balkan and the World Wars) :

"The United States had its Washington, the Italian Kingdoms were joined by Garibaldi ; Bismarck gave lasting unity to the German people, and now the Slav nations may have their hero. The appearance of a Slav Bismarck is imminent .The prediction is on every Slav tongue . But the conditions which such a liberator must fulfill are very difficult . Such a leader must answer six requirements. The only man who can meet all the six conditions is General, Count Spiridovich ."

"The Town Topics," April, 1907:

"The General's writings bear evidence of a faculty of prevision which amounts to PROPHETIC GENIUS, entitles his utterances to the weightiest consideration,"

The Editor of the "Asiatic Review" in Feb., 1919: "General Count Cherep-Spiridovich was thoroughly well acquainted in the most intimate manner with all the undercurrents and intrigues of European politics,"

"New York Staats Zeitung" on April 29, 1921: Some of Germany's newspapers implied that her failure was due to him . "General Spiridovich is the most inspired and fearless man alive today . And he has behind him the terrible record of prophetic warnings in the past, fulfilled,"

Dr . John H . Clarke, Vice-Pres . of "The Britons," London) .

15 East 128th Street, New York City . Tel . Harlem 4962.


This book is mostly about Jews ; it is not against the Jews . These painstaking researches have been made in order to rewrite- history "with conscience ;" as Lamartine urged, as Washington
Irving admonished . The results are presented to the thinking public to enlarge its intelligence, not its prejudice . The book should appeal to Jew and Gentile alike, that they may join hands in purging society of its enemies, be they Jewish plotters or Gentile participants; each group more contemptible than the other according to the point of contemplation .

The Jews should bring to bay the "satanists," who corrupt the countries in which they have found asylum ; the Gentiles should make harmless every Judas, who accepts the bribes of the Jews . Together they should eliminate from authority the man who "sells his birthright ;" equally with him, who, taking advantage of his weaker brother, "buys it for a mess of pottage ;"
"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant ." (St. Matthew) .

Count Cherep-Spiridovich springs from Norse gentility. His remotest ancestor on record was prince Rurik, who, being one of the "Worthies" of his time, was in 862 called by the Slavic people to Novgorod, where he founded a dynasty and gave Russia its name . Nordic tradition, coupled with exceptional education and training, have given to general Spiridovich the spiritual ardor, the
constructive impulse, and the extraordinary perseverance required to make his vast knowledge serve the exigencies of the present by his peculiar power to forecast the future, but it devolves upon the individual reader to make practical application of it, by refusing to participate in the practices, which engage "Enemies of Humanity."

A Chicago Rabbi recently said
"We have been told, long enough : 'You cannot change Human Nature; but, I say to you : Human Nature can be changed ; and, what is more : Human Nature must be changed ."

And, how may it be changed? A Danish philosopher has given the formula . He speaks of traditions of caste as undeniable obstacles to the realization of Freedom and Equality ; but suggests how these obstacles may be converted into opportunities saying
"In the nature of Inequality is a secret. Equality becomes inhuman under forced abolition of Inequality ; Inequality becomes inhuman when we neglect to promote Equality : it is upon inequality as a basis, that equality must be reared . The agony of society arises from this simple thesis being misunderstood on opposite sides ."

These are the jewels of thought of a century ; they blind the evil eye of bolshevism ; may each reader set them, firmly, in the diadem of his deeds . Count Tolstoy prophesied
"'A. man shall come from the North to save civilization ."
Is that man Cherep-Spiridovich? Who knows?-Read his book and the world will never again seem the same to you .

Chicago, July 4, 1925 .
Herjulf Vikingsom

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ."

Have you ever considered :

"The Responsibility of Knowledge ;"

"The Crime of Unrevealed Facts?"


This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer


Read his book and the world will never again seem the same to you .


"Will our civilization survive?," Mr. J. D . Rockefeller Jr . and others anxiously ask. It will, if this book is read and its message spread . It surely will not, if this book is trampled upon! Count Okuma, the farsighted and clever statesman of Japan,, affirmed this war will lead to the death of Aryan civilization. Though he knows how it will be destroyed, he, as a Mongol, did not reveal it. Therefore, I shall do it. Why did a score of the best British (among them the famous President of the British Empire's Press, Mr Robert Donald) French, Slav and other editors call me "Prophetic Genius" or "Prophet" with "astounding," "marvelous," "preter-natural," "miraculous" foresight and intuition?*

*In the New York Times of April 17, 1907, was published my prediction about the two Balkan and this wars .

Because they found in my 7 pre-war books 80-odd political predictions all of which were later realized, as if prophecies . Why have I been so successful in all my predictions? Only because I most humbly agreed with the warnings of OUR SAVIOUR (St . John VIII, 44, St . Matthew XXIII, 15 etc .). Never did I think that I "know better," or that I ought to, be "less prejudiced" or not so "full of racial hatred," as He .

That is why everything concerning World affairs and the future of America and of the Aryan Race is clear to me, while all the statesmen writers, preachers and politici ans are puzzled. Here are some samples of this . Mussolini in perplexity said

"Yet, the why of war, which has followed human society since its origin, never has been explained, and apparently must be put into the domain of unexplained matters ." (New York American, April 3, 1925) .

If Mussolini were a Christian, he would not thus blunder. . . Because CHRIST said clearly that there is a "Satan's lust of murder and that the Jews - his sons - will do it." And History, as we shall see, daily confirms this OUR SAVIOUR'S warning which means : "Gentiles, keep far away from the Jews!" The Talmud is today preached in every synagogue! It teaches

"Thou (Jew) shalt smite the other nations, which the Lord delivers in your (Jewish) hands" . . . "kill the best goym" (gentiles.)


" A war is only a "legalized mass murder ." Thus CHRIST pointed out those, who arrange all wars and revolutions, and that their chief cause is Satan's and his sons' "lust of murder." But "Christians" never seem to agree with CHRIST . The same with ex-Premier of France Joseph Caillaux . When asked how to save France, he wrongly answered

"The public seems to believe that there exists some half secret remedies as yet unemployed to cure the impecuniosity of States. Work and economy . That is the regimen . Such are the only remedies ."

If France follows Caillaux's advice and works and economizes without following CHRIST'S indication, then in five or ten years she will become rich again . Then Rothschild V-th or VI-th will order his Lloyd Georges, Clemenceaus, Woodrow Wilsons, *Bethmann - Hollweg - Rothschilds, Aerenthals, Sazonovs, Sonninos Kemal-Pashas, Venizelos, Masaryks, et al, to start a new world war . And all that the French nation would have earned according to Caillaux's advice, would be spent in silly mutual self-extermination of the Aryan race, or in payment of indemnity to Germany .

Edouard Rothschild V-th in Paris and the 300 Judeo-Mongols, who are composing the World Government (the Hidden Hand), made 100 billions out of this First World War . Of course, not mounting their "lust of murder," they are willing to stage a Second World War . They are preparing it against rich America . Controlling the World press, they can easily stage any war .

One needs not to be a prophet to foresee such imminent an issue if the French follow the Caillaux way of salvation. Thus the Dictator of Italy and the presumed Dictator of France show the same serious lack of judgement . But the necessity of growing statesmen is most vital . What is a difference between a statesman and a politician? Demosthenes and Edmund Burke explained it :

"A statesman must know how to foresee the future ., A politician grasps only the present" (which is already the past) .
"To govern - means to foresee," says a wise old proverb . Otherwise - "without foreseeing one cannot govern ." As soon as one agrees with CHRIST, one becomes more bright .

*As ex-Senator R . P . Pettigrew says in his "Triumphant Phutocracy," Mr . Woodrow Wilson pushed the Americans into war against their will . "If Wall Street should say the word tomorrow , all the editors and preachers would be for the war" (Eugene V . Debs, The Sun, May 4, 1925) .


Because "Christianity" has become positively Christlessl Not only do we not execute the commands of our SAVIOUR, but nearly all our Aryan so-called ruling class, and even clergy, seem to believe that HE was "wrong" and that they "are wiser ." They think that they must not be as full of "racial hatred" and "religious prejudice" as they imagine HE was (St . Johns VIII, 44) when HE condemned the scribes, whose criminal books Balled the Talmud are being followed by an entire race, which is killing us!

Out of each 100 gentiles 99 will surely shout Precisely ; that is why we are obliged to prevent the Jews from "doing their lust of murder."* The more we love somebody, the more must we endeavor to cure his criminality. "I must be cruel only to be kind," Hamlet said. love and connivance with crimes are different matters. Would you tell your beloved child : "Go and murder?" Love the foes of CHRIST, but check their "lust of murder ."

My book is not religious, but purely scientific . It is not my intention to claim any merit of discovery, for the facts themselves prove day by day how amazingly right CHRIST is . To follow HIS commands is hard and irksome .** The least that we could do would be to recognize HIS Wisdom and HIS desire to guide us safely even here-on: earth . But, as I said, our ruling classes refuse, perhaps unconsciously, to believe HIS warnings.

"When a nation forgets God, God sends an earthquake," said the French genius, Victor Hugo . We are witnessing a political earthquake in Russia, in fact on one-sixth of the surface of our globe. By the news from that country we get daily information that "numerous people convicted of counter-revolutionary activity were shot to death today ." The reason why so many persons are being killed is not because of their counter-revolutionary activity, but is nothing more or less than the deliberate murder of the intelligent Aryan classes in order to substitute the Asiatics .
"CHRIST ordered us to love even our worst foes ."

"The murder may be moral, mental and physical . "

*The Jews deceived many of us, that CHRIST has never said, that the authors of the Talmud (now followed by a whole race) are the "sons of the devil ." CHRIST could not fail to warn thus, because otherwise, the above truth is so obviously proved by the true history, that we would have the right to reproach OUR SAVIOUR for not having thus warned us. The Jews lied that the Gospel of St . John was written later on, and even might be apocryphal . Be it so (though it is not) . but does not CHRIST'S ether statement (St . Matthew's XXIII. 15) corroborate the St . John's


Yes l But to solve the "problems of unrest," and thus to save the White Race, we must know that the World Unrest is caused by the "lust of murder" of the Judeo-Mongols and their firm desire to smash the Aryans and to overthrow everything Christian . This is well understood by Mr . Madison Grant, who wrote in the introduction to Mr. Lothrop Stoddard's "Rising Tide of Color" :
"The problems of unrest must be solved, if the Republic is to be preserved" (Mr . Arthur Hobson Quinn, the Dean of the University of Pennsylvania) .

The assault of Asia is not to be upon Europe only, but upon the Aryan Race as a whole, especially upon wealthy America . The wild Bolshevist meetings in New York prove that the same "earthquake" that is destroying Russia, the former Eastern guardian of Christian civilization, is beginning in America . Few Americans paid attention to the fact that all the speakers were Asiatics* .

Why are the Aryans so stupidly blind? And do we not see the mass-madness of the Aryans in the question of the "League of Nations," "World Court," "War on War," and so forth? Indeed, millions of well-meaning persons in every Aryan country are working hopelessly, as if pouring water into bottomless barrels, or like squirrels turning their endless wheels . They imagine that the quantity of their work would recompense for the miserably poor quality .

They all ignore CHRIST'S warnings.

Only by checking the Jews' lusts could peace be kept . When at a political convention in Chicago I begged several professors to explain the wisest statement of the late Vice-President Hon. T. R . Marshall : "The World Government will not permit the establishment of peace," asking them, "What is the World Government" and "why will it not permit the establishment of peace," they became confused and could find no answer! How astoundingly right was Professor Charles E . Merriam of the University of Chicago, when he exclaimed in a lecture
"What advantages will we reap if science conquers all the world, except the World Government."-(The Chicago Tribune, Jan . 24, 1924) .

*History proves, and the Jewish Encyclopaedia confirms it, that the socalled "German, Russian, Polish and Eastern Jews" are Mongols, who accepted the Jewish Talmud, which is not the creed given to Moses . The Talmud seems more like the by-laws of a gang of murderers than a religion, yet it is strictly followed by the so-called "Jews ." "Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad ."

"Now Asia, in the guise of Bolshevism with Semitic leadership and Chinese executioners, is organizing an assault upon western Europe ."

Among others things the Talmud teaches : "The best Gentiles must be destroyed," and similar commands . However, many politicians have the effrontery to declare that this "religion" ought also to be "respected," while it ought to be exposed in the Courts, as inciting to murder . 4


I said that the Christian Civilization could still survive, if this book be read and its message widely spread . Why? Because it illustrates my "Science of Political Foresight," which has proved its value in such numerous cases and verifying all of my eighty and more predictions in my seven pre-war books .* Here is one of the proofs of the usefulness of my science : After a long discussion with General McDonough, the Chief of the War Intelligence Department in London, and with the British Foreign Office, I submitted on September 17, 1918, a report advising the signing of peace with Bulgaria, which, as I foretold in the above report, would provoke an uprising of the Slavs in Austria and a panic in Germany and the immediate surrender of her armies .

My advice was accepted and two weeks later peace with Bulgaria was signed ; two weeks still later the Slavs in Austria rose, and Austria was prostrated : and two weeks after the Austrian defection, Germany was thrown into a panic and surrender forced upon her . The First World War was thus ended, thanks to my advice! The self-extermination of the Aryans was stopped . Otherwise, fighting would have continued for many months more and at least some five million more Aryans would have lost their lives in vain, of whom not less than two millions would have been Americans .

Asiatic Bolshevism would have jumped from Russia into Germany, then all over Europe, and eventually to America. Further the thousand million Mongols of China, Japan and other Asiatics and Africans would have found the moment propitious to have repeated the historic invasions of Attila (defeated near Paris in 471), and of Baty, who lost his army in 1240 at Fiume . These two possibilities were not taken into consideration by those who thought that the Allies should have fought longer,-that Germany should have been crushed and peace signed in Berlin .

I did not advise the Allies not to go to Berlin! The above has remained an "unrevealed" fact in history! The only publication in Great Britain confirming it was the Christian Commonwealth which published it in February, 1919 . The only newspaper in America was the New York Staats Zeitung, which, although furiously attacking me (April 29, 1921), proved that it was my advice to England to sign peace with Bulgaria that brought about the prompt surrender of Germany . *See my "Vers La Debacle (Towards the Debacle) . Dangers et Remedes," published in October, 1913, . in which I warned Russia about what since has happened and offered "the Remedies," which could have saved her.


The Staats Zeitung blamed me for Germany's disaster, forgetting that if Germany had not surrendered, Europe by now would have been drowned in an ocean of blood, spilled by the Bolsheviks, or perhaps even by the Mongol invaders . Why was this fact of my saving some five million Aryans so carefully silenced by the press? Because, if by one report I were able to save five million Aryans one would reasonably expect that I could save many more . But that is precisely what the World Government does not want . Its aim is bloodshed. Why? As the 300 Judeo-Mongols who compose it, are converted Mongols, they are "twofold more the children of hell" than the regular ancient Jews (St . Matthew XXIII, 15) . The "mystery" of this silencing by the press of such vital facts is explained by the Hon . W . Jennings Bryan, who said

"The newspapers have hundreds of informers, but they remain silent. Why? Because the press is controlled by the "sons of the devil"!

Men of genius, such as Voltaire, Napoleon, Lamartine, Henry Ford, have warned us that history is "untrue," still it seems that, with the exception perhaps of Washington Irving and the President Emeritus of Leland University, Dr . Starr Jordan, nobody has demanded that "History be rewritten and revised," thus to expose "the organizers of all wars ."

On the contrary, when Mr Henry Ford placed incontrovertible facts, bearing on the causes of the world's unrest, before the public, newspapers generally trampled upon his words and endeavored to discredit him . For fifty years history has been my beloved "hobby ." When, thanks to my advice, the Armistice was signed, I went to the Library of the British Museum and practically lived there for thirty months, reading, studying and copying much of the substance of this "Unrevealed in History ." It took me forty months more to create the ONLY "History With Conscience."

"Newspapers do not give facts, they fool the people regularly."-(New York Times, May 16, 1921) Americans know nothing about what is going on overseas" (Shaw Desmond, The Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1924) . "The United States is not getting the truth of conditions in Europe" (Mr. Ch . Edw. Russell, Socialist leader, May, 1925) . "The newspapers are the dirtiest and filthiest things that ever happened" (Mrs. Bjurstedt Mallory, Chicago Tribune, July 21, 1922) . "Europe is descending towards dissolution . We are willing to check the descent. But we are unable to determine, how we can help. We are not well informed as to the facts! The danger of complete collapse is nearer than ever" ("Chicago Tribune," Febr . 7, 1923),


The crushing of our civilization, predicted by Count Okuma, may be undertaken even to-day, probably beginning with a Judeo-Mongol attack upon the United States or a Judeo-Mongol attack upon Europe, as it is being now done in Bulgaria, in China, etc . Even the best informed Americans-ignore the fact that they are today facing simultaneously three Mongolian foes (1)-The Judeo-Mongolian World Government "the Hidden Hand," which controls in 1925 :

(a) three hundred billion dollars of available capital ;

(b) the world's press, and

(c) many governments .

(2) Mongolian Japan, whose assault is inevitable, as Mr . H . G . Wells and others predicted . Japan is conspiring today with the Judeo-Mongolian Soviets of Moscow, and they are both now using every means to take entire control of China and force her to join them in crushing the Aryan Race . .

(3) The Judeo-Mongolian Bolshevism, which, according to the late Samuel Gompers, is being financed with millions by the socalled International Bankers ("Germano-Anglo-American"), who are all Judeo-Mongols . Bolshevism is inflaming at least five million Judeo-Mongols and some three or four million "secret Judeo-Mongols" in America ; also the heads of twelve million Negroes here, and seven million more of all kinds of "reds," "pinks," "radicals," "utopians, "pacifists" and other discontented persons in the United States, who are willing to "improve" its as Russia was . . .

"Most of the people of Wisconsin are on the Trotzky side" (Sen. Brook. hart, Febr . 7, 1923) .

Thus there are nearly twenty-five million revolutionists within the United States, which are menaced from without by a coalition of the Mongolian Japan, China and other Asiatics with the Soviets ; by the half-Mongolian Mexico (which is practically ruled by a Judeo-Mongol Dictator, Roberto Huberman) and by some Aryan powers controlled by the World Government (the Hidden Hand) .

In this critical moment some American Senators seem to be deliberately trying to provoke the indignation, and to arouse the animosity of England, France, Italy and Germany by much timeless and useless talk about their war-debts to America . Such optimism is futile and contrary to her best interests, . The speech of the Ambassador, Mr, Alanston Houghton, demanding that Europe change her policies was considered a threat. And we read in Japanese newspapers, that she finds "the American naval manoeuvre plan too boldly provocative and a great menace to the safety of Japan" (N. Y . Times, May 3, 1925) .


Americans are lulled into a sense of false security by memory of nearly complete safety during the past one hundred and fifty years, but this security was due to two main reasons which now are inoperative :

(1) A Czar of Russia would not permit any overt attack on the United States, just as he prevented it in 1863-64 .

(2) Until a few years ago the two oceans protected the American shores, but these natural defenses have been abolished by the nature of perfected aggressive warfare . Therefore, the optimism which has always prevailed in America, due principally to the protection above mentioned, is no longer based upon solid ground . America must, therefore, recognize and face the danger and prepare for any eventuality .

Americans are somewhat intoxicated by the laurels of the First World War, when fate gave America fifteen months of interval and absolute security at home, between her declaration of war and her real entrance upon the battlefields, where the American troops met the Germans, worn out by four years fighting .

In the Second World War which is being staged by the World Government against America, she will not be given even fifteen minutes for her preparations ; this war will not be declared . . . . All of the above mentioned three Mongolian groups of foes of the United States were "pro-American" in 1918 .

They were then busy in attempting to destroy or undermine the Christian rulers of Russia, Germany, Austria, England and Italy, and bending these countries nearly to the state of bankruptcy . The World Government "kept America out of war," as long as the Czar, "the traditional friend of America" (according to President Roosevelt) needed her help . It forced America into the war as soon as the Czar of Russia was overthrown . Even the Chicago Tribune of July 27, 1922, repeated the rumor, that a Judeo-Mongol, Justice Lubitz Brandeis, "ruled the White House by secret telephone," and a Jew, Bernard M . Baruch, literally "spat" in the face of the Senate that he was the "most powerful man" in America .

In his interesting "The Triumphant Plutocracy" ex Senator R . F . Pettigrew wrote that when the American nation elected Mr . Woodrow Wilson "because he kept America out of war," he was already preparing to declare it . The World Government threw America into it even against the will of the nation, by ordering the "American" press to make it!


Now all the world is against America l Yes The eleventh hour of America is here ! And I appeal to America in the same terms as I did to the Czar in his own newspaper "Zemschina" in Petrograd on August 24, (11), 1916 :

" The catastrophe is approaching like a hurricane ; each second is to be counted. Reconciliate the Christian Churches and proclaim the Slav Union and you will be saved ."

He was dissuaded from following my "way of salvation" and an unparalleled disaster swept him, his family and the Nordic Aryan classes of Russia into oblivion . Now a worse catastrophe is menacing America, the backbone of the White Race, and again I show the "way of salvation ." In order to make it easy for Americans to adopt this remedy, I shall try to persuade them to realize that two main dangers exist

(1) That the World Government really does function .

(2) That the Second World War is being staged . To those who, like Mrs . Wood Parks, are sure that "America is too rich and strong to be conquered," I shall point to Russia, which is not conquered, but where is a real hell on earth. What is the reason for the distress of Russia? She had scorned CHRIST'S warning and now let's the Jews rule . Do we not see the same blunder in America today?

In Washington was created a "Big Four Entente ." A "scrap of paper, "the late Senator Cabot Lodge implied . It is provoking a tacit Chino-German-Russo-Italian "Counter Alliance," and nothing will prevent England, Japan, Mexico and other powers from joining it in due time, because they are all under such an omnipotent influence of the Satanic Forces,* which are now ruling the World (see my "Science of Political Foresight"), that at any moment their press could stage a "casus belli" against the United States.

The rebukes to Europe and the refusals to join her Conferences give to Euro-Asia the pretext to unite in hostility. "America is quite isolated," Rev . L . H. Hough of Detroit says . And no Conference did touch the worst foe of our Christian civilization, the Judeo-Mongol World Government, referred to by Hon . T R. Marshall and by Prof. C . E . Merriam and known as the Hidden Hand which is enslaving and misguiding the foreign and domestic politics of all great countries .

Its chief aim now is to repeat its attempt of 1861-65, and by destroying the United States, "knock out" Christian civilization. Only by spreading this book could be such fratricide averted .


The final crushing of our civilization, I repeat, foretold by' Okuma and others, may be attempted even today, and may begin with the Judeo-Mongol attack upon the United States first, or by a Judeo-Mongol assault upon Central Europe . Russia is at the disposal of the Judeo-1Vlongol Hidden Hand, and having ceased to be the Eastern vanguard of Christian civilization, has become the Western vanguard of the Mongols! . The Soviets arouse China! In July, 1921, I submitted a detailed report to President Harding about the World situation and the Hidden Hand's plan . The report was read in my presence by the President's Secretary, Mr . George B . Christian . Later on I published it in English and in Russian;, entitling it "Let Us Prevent the Second World War, Already Prepared," and spread it in Europe in tens of thousands of copies . The neighbors of Russia, and especially the Balkan States, became cautious, knowing my foresight, and took every possible means to prevent an eventual assault of the Judeo-Mongol Bolsheviks. Their various efforts in the Balkans were carefully watched, and therefore, have all failed up to the present day. Since then the Hidden Hand has shown a feverish activity in the Far East, which means that the first assault will be against America . If my book is heeded this assault may fail also! The Generals J . J. Pershing, G . Bell, G . V. H. Mosely and Marshal Fayoile foretold a new war ; as Clemenceau, ex-Ambassador H. Morgenthau and many others have done . Even France has chosen to take offense, and Clemenceau declared : "We in France have to act as if we were alone in the World ." This means complete isolation of the United States and practically it sounds like a threat . An imminent catastrophe for Europe (and thus for the whole White race) was foretold by Mr . Frank Vanderlip, the ex-American Ambassador G . Harvey, Senator M . McCormick and by many other leaders ; unless Europe should find financial aid from other than American sources, but it can only be found here .

"I am putting before England precisely the policy of Disraeli," confessed the late Prime Minister of Great Britain, Hon . Bonar Law, i . e ., the most aggressive and faithless policy which ever existed. And Hon Bonar Law's party is again in power . . . Thus we may expect that Disraeli's policy will be followed again . But Disraeli was a mere tool of the Rothschilds . And according to Bismarck (La Vieille France, N-216) it was Disraeli and his patrons, the Rothschilds,, who invented the plan of destroying the United States by fomenting a Civil War here, and by a foreign attack in 1863-64 by five powers .

"Europe will make every effort to get her gold back . "-(Isaac Mareosson in his book "The War After the War") .


The Civil War was started in 1861 and the British, French, Spanish, Belgian and Austrian* troops were already in Mexico City, ready to profit by the Civil War, staged by the Hidden Hand! But then the Czar Alexander II . warned Napoleon III. that he would invade France if this coalition helped the Southerners to smash the North . The Czar even sent his squadrons at the disposal of President Lincoln to defend New York and San Francisco. President A. Lincoln had the right to order this fleet to fight any of the above five Powers . Only thus the United States was saved! Nothing prevents the above plan from being renewed again in 1925-26. There is no longer a Czar in Russia, and the Judeo-Mongol Soviets are the worst foes of the United States . China, Japan and Mexico are kept wrongly indignant . Even the Judeo-Mongol New York World states Behind Vickers is the "mysterious" Judeo-Mongol Sir Basil Zaharov, who, according to the Chicago Tribune (April 8, 1924) "has opened immense credits with London banks to finance the purchase of war materials for Russia" . . . and bombs for Sophia ." Yei Ling, a Chinese Senator, issued a letter challenging us

"Japan has ordered 140,000 machine guns from the Vickers Company. The Serutton Company is executing large Japanese orders . Japan is making amazingly rapid strides in air armaments" (August 5 and 6 1924) .

`If you (the White Race) should regard them (his demands) as excessive and unreasonable, China with her 400,000,000 people will unite with the weak and small races of Asia and the suppressed peoples of Europe and Africa and meet you on the field of battle to fight out the issue ."-(New York Times, August 25, 1924) .

"The Colored races will exterminate the whites ."-(Dr. Inge of St. Paul's Cathedral in London) . I could quote any number of such warnings. *" The Nineteenth Century and After," p . p. 867, 872, 926, by Edwin T. Emerson, Jr. . and Marion Mills Miller . **As CHRIST foretold it (St. John VIII, 44),

`The whole vast world of Islam (250,000,000 souls) is today in profound unrest."-(Mr. Lothrop Stoddard in Scribner's) . "The Islamic world will not rest our labors, nor sheath our swords until every Moslem nation enjoys complete independence . "-(Mustapha_Kemal the Judeo-Mongol Dictator of Turkey) . "Mohammedanism invaded Japan" (New York World, May 1, 1921) . "Bolshevism the creed of which contains the very highest precepts of Islam, has just triumphed over an enemy, who was threatening our existence" (Mustapha Kemal, a Jew, Dictator of Turkey, on August 14, 1920) .. "The ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism" (The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, London) . "We, Jews, are still here, our last word is not yet spoken, our last deed is not yet done, our last revolution is not yet made." (Dr . Oscar Levy .)

And the Moslems are on the eve of an uprising, as in Morocco!


But almost nobody knows, that all the so-called Satanic Forces Pan-Asiatism, Pan-Britanism, Pan-Germanism, Pan-Islamism, are all autocratically led by Pan-Judaism, headed now by Edouard Rothschild V-th in Paris, a Judeo-Mongol!

I repeat that he and 300 other Judeo-Mongols compose the above World Government, or the Hidden Hand.

Only blind people do not see the hand writing on the wall : The Russo-Chino-Japanese treaty has been signed . The three signatory countries represent a combination of some . 600,000,000 persons . The talented Mr. Arthur Brisbane wrote

"It interests us, because the three nations are united chiefly in their dislike of the United States . Skilful propaganda has made China think that America represents contempt for Asia's people ."-(New York American, Feb . 22, 1925) .
But why not expose the why and who is financing this skillful propaganda? The Judeo-Mongolian Soviets of Russia? Yes! But who provides the money? Mr. Gompers explained it (May 1, 1922)
"The Anglo-German-American Bankers," i.e., the same 300 members of the Hidden Hand . Brisbane adds
"Russia dislikes us because we persist in maintaining what they call a capitalistic Government . The success of it annoys Russia, ~And the fact that we won't admit Asiatic masses to full partnership, annoys Japan."

Here Mr. Brisbane is "regularly fooling" his readers. Real Russia likes Americans and admires their "capitalistic Government."

It is the Judeo-Mongols who are ruling Russia why hate America, not because she is "capitalistic," but because she is Christian and is the "backbone" of the White Race.

Meanwhile the Judeo-Mongols are a "yellow" race and they are aiming to "do the devil's lust of murder," as CHRIST foretold it. How can we continually forget HIS warnings when we discuss
World problems? Brisbane assures : "We won't admit Asiatic masses ." But that is not true, because real masses of the worst Asiatic Judeo-Mongols are pouring daily and nightly into the United States . Many Jewish offices are forging false passports for the Jews .

"Scarcely any but Jewish immigrants are cornin' over (to New York) . They pose as Poles, Russians, even Irish ."-(Plain English, August 13, 1921) . Such outrageous injustice towards Japan exasperates her, and Brisbane is right in foretelling that America "may have trouble in that direction." Yes! She will have disaster, unless Americans at least understand that all dangers facing them are being purposely staged by the Judeo-Mongol Hidden Hand.

The ex-Ambassador Mr. Cyrus E. Wood wisely stated "The Japanese exclusion act was an international disaster of the first magnitude."-(Jan. 24, 1925) .


Numberless hypocrites or ignoramuses are preaching "Good Will," "Friendliness," "Peace." But sheep in the stockyards are full of "Good Will" and are most peace loving. However, millions of them are slaughtered by few butchers . Just the 300 "butchers" (the Hidden Hand) sent (in 1914) 20,000,000 men to their death .

Instead of babbling about peace and "Good Will" we must reveal these 300 butchers and check their "Bad (Satanic) Will"! Otherwise, all these "peace" efforts are absolutely useless, even harmful, because they lull America to a state of security and thus encourage her foes to attack .

"No man would have war," said Senator Hiram W. Johnson. No ! Except these butchers who are preparing in the United States a revolution and Civil War (Protestants vs . Catholics ; Labor vs. Capital ; Negroes vs . Whites) ; and a combined foreign attack and disaster, as I said, perhaps even in 1926, unless this book should awaken this splendid nation and the rest of Christendom.

"Only by a vital and permanent joining of the nations in a union can mankind be saved from another conflagration which will leave the world in ashes," wrote S . Colcord in his "Great Deception ." Yes! But the Hidden Hand will not allow any such union and no kind of peace, as Hon. T. R. Marshall wisely warned us . Thus the dreams of ignorant "peace-lovers" who scorn CHRIST are vain .

The Hidden Hand rendered fruitless 30 Peace Conferences .The only reason for Russia's unheard of tortures is : she ignored the Hidden Hand as does the United States now . And Russia, like America, scorned the above mentioned warnings of CHRIST .

The chief danger to America is its blind optimism . Thus the Pres. of the League of Women Voters, Mrs . M. Wood Park said :

"Our country is too rich, too large to be conquered ." At this the editor of the Chicago Tribune (November 7, 1922) wisely answered : "NONSENSE!"
It is precisely the rich countries that have been attacked and destroyed. But let us suppose, that the United States in the end could not be conquered, must its sons be plundered and drowned in an ocean of blood? But many millions of Americans are thinking just as Mrs . Wood Park and other optimists foolishly believe, that not enough money can be found for a combined attack .

The Hidden Hand now controls 300 billion dollars and would willingly advance the needed amount for such an assault, because the Hidden Hand would gain some 100 billions, as it did from the First World War, as I proved it in my "Gentiles Review ."


R. F. Pettigrew proved, the Hidden Hand's agents here are "self elected Dictators, who wreck and rule, and can at any moment wreck financial institutions and inaugurate panics . They are endowed with the power of Government!"*

The above Judeo-Mongol Dictators within America can take even here any number of billions in order to finance the assault against the United States, just as they helped Germany during this war .

The Hidden Hand is behind all the Socialist, Communist, Bolshevist, Anarchist, "Pacifist" and all kinds of "red" organizations everywhere, Why? Because its main aim is bloodshed at any price .

"The future wars will come with increasing suddenness," wisely stated Gen. Tasker Bliss . When the general strike paralyzes everything and these clashes are started, then, without declaring war, as Gen. Brancker, the ex-Chief of the British Air Forces, foretold, the enemy forces will simultaneously assail all the American ships in night attacks by torpedo boats (as in Port Arthur in 1904) submarines and airships . The voyage of the American Atlantic
fleet gave the Japanese a pretext to inflame their nation and to suddenly attack every American ship at night, without declaring war!

What General William Mitchell is stating in 1925, I had submitted to Pres. Harding in July, 1921, adding to it the foes' plan . In this pamphlet on page 6 I explained that England "could not disobey the Hidden Hand and thus commit suicide ." We read in the New York World on April 12, 1925, that Great Britain is "in a serious position," that she faces "Grave Industrial Conflicts" and is "stranded by ebb tides of Commerce," etc .

Great Britain was purposely put into this dangerous condition by the Hidden Hand, which thus can force its own wishes upon the British Lion, throwing this noble nation against any power, which is ordered to be destroyedU according to the Rothschild's scheme of the World Domination. My belief in CHRIST made me use all my efforts in 1919 and 1920 in order to prevent England from getting into the present awful situation. The Financial News of London published my warning Manifesto on January 24, 1919, entitled "Essentials of Stable Peace," in which I pointed out the terrible blunders of Messrs . Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau, and offered them the "Way of Salvation." I took 10,000 reprints and spread them . Then the Hidden Hand ordered that I be "silenced ."

*The best weekly in English is the British Guardian of London (40, Great Ormond Street, London) . In its issue of March 20, 1925) in the articles : "The Warburgs : International Crooks" and "International Bible Students' Association
Financed by Jews," are confirmed Sen . Pettigrew's words .


However, in the same Financial News on November 12 and 25, on December 31, 1919, and February 17, 1920, appeared my vigorous letters entitled "How to Save England"* In the last letter I offered twenty "remedies" and "preventions," some of which were adopted . My fourth and, alas, last message ended with the words :

"In my next letter I shall explain the science of foreseeing, indispensable also for all financiers and merchants, and how to pay all England's 8,000 million pounds sterling of debts without increasing taxes, without levies on capital, and without spending a penny from her Treasury ."
This was too much for the Hidden Hand, which wishes to bend down England until she will consent to attack the United States . That is why my fifth letter has never been published and disappeared in the office of the Financial News, whose famous editor, Sir Ellis Powell, was "suddenly" dismissed and "suddenly" died . . . And how we see England in the terrific position which I foretold to her and from which I sought to rescue her . I warned nearly all
the officials of England, beginning with Mr. Lloyd George and his colleagues in 1919 about the situation in which she now finds herself.

But he was a mere tool of the Hidden Hand and even according to Mr . John Spargo (the Independent of New York, April 9, 1921) he was "following the policy of Disraeli," viz. Rothschilds'.

Only once, when he lost his majority in the House of Commons did he obey my advice to declare that England will pay her debts in thirty or forty years "without increasing taxes, without levies on capital and without spending a penny from her Treasury," which I suggested in my letters to him and to the Financial News .

This declaration of Mr. Lloyd George produced a sensation in the House of Commons. He received a majority of some 350 votes and maintained his power for many months But his "secretary ." Sir Philip Sassoon-Rothschild, who was "cornacking" Mr . Lloyd George forbade him to execute my "plan of salvation ."

And we now see the results . . .

Many Americans rely upon a tacit "Anglo-American Secret Alliance." But it can be dismissed under the heavy pressure of the Hidden Hand, which, I repeat, is purposely crushing England's finances and commerce until England will accept the motto "To go to the dogs or to assault and plunder the United States .

No other way out will be left to the splendid Islanders . And an Anglo-American war will be the end of the so-called
"Christian" civilization, which ignores CHRIST.
*The Hidden Hand influenced the proud Britishers to rebuke me, saying : "England goes very well and needs not to be saved ." But facts prove that I
was right!-(New York Times, April 8, 1925) .


''There are more Bolsheviks here than there are in Russia" (H . Ford) . Nobody here seriously fights Bolshevism, i. e. Judeo-Mongolism.

"Two thousand agitators between Chicago and the Rocky Mountains are preaching a gospel which will wreck the U . S. Constitution, unless intelligent citizens talk a constructive doctrine to overcome that tragical influence ."

"Organized labor's program is nationalization of all basic industries, as you will observe from the conduct of the present strikes . They are not strikes for money, but are steps toward Government ownership and operation of industry" (John B . Maling,'`The Chicago Journal of Commerce,'' July 21 , 1922) .

"The Jews have always formed a rebellious element in every State , and not more in those where they were persecuted than in those where they were allowed to dwell at peace ." (Mrs. Nesta Webster, "World Revolution," p . 163) .

These agitators are hired by the Hidden Hand, Gompers said . Nobody dares to reveal it and warn the workers and youth . "Our people don't understand these things (awful dangers) . The people do not understand the situation" (Admiral Sims, N . Y . Times, Febr . 28, 1925) . Very few understand the possibility of a foreign assault . 4' The American Navy is prepared to lose the next war . Our fleet, as it now exists, cannot defend itself against modern naval forces" (Admiral W. F. Fullam, The New York American, March 4, 1925) .

"We have no air forces. Without a dominating air force our armies and navies are merely organized for defeat in modern war" (Col . W. Mitchell, June 3, 1925) .

Why such appalling blindness on the eve of disaster?
"History (a true not "bunk") is the best Philosophy" (Napoleon) .
'The absence of an "History With Conscience," as is my "Unrevealed In History" produced lamentable results everywhere.
"The Washington Conference may be the last failure to stave off the disasters and destruction that gathers about our race" (H . G. Wells) .
"Japan prepares for war, but the U . S . does not" (Admiral B. A. Fiske) .
"There will be a war in 1925. There will be no declaration of War. It will start by a sudden aerial attack" (Gen . Branker, ex-Chief of Air Forces) .
"Serious differences are brewing with England over shipping and other policies . These differences can be prevented from developing into a conflict only by a strong navy . England is resentful over the new status of the United States as World Power and over the fact that we no longer pay $300.000.000 a year to her merchantmen for transoceanic transportation" (Admiral W. W. Phelps, March 3, 1925) . "Britain and America are calmly preparing industrially, politically and militarily for the coming war" (McLean in "The Coming War with America").
"The war between England and America has commenced" (Sen . P. 0. Knox).

The message of this book could alone avert such fratricide .





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get the whole book via Google search or currently

The internet images of this little gem are unfortunately nearly illegible as regards Addendum No.1 and Addendum No.2 on pages 194-5. The text of Addendum 1 is set out below for easier reading, this site limits posting the rest, try :



In his "Rotten to the Core" Mr. Hugh Bauerlein, of Denver, has well pictured a story involving Mr. Lloyd George in the dirty "Marconi business" by the Jews Rufus and Godfrey Isaacs, who like Franks, were kept out of prison. Rufus was even made Lord Chief Justice, Vice-Roy of India, and Earl Reading.
The two greatest cases of treason in France were committed by Jews: Dreyfus in the Army and Ulmo in the Navy. The Jew Zangwill in his "The Problem of the Jewish Race," p. 10 wrote:
"If Germany had no Dreyfus case it is because no Jew is permitted to a military rank." Yes! Germany could endure a 4-year war without betrayal because, as Zangwill confirms, she avoided the race, which gave Dreyfus, Ulmo, Franks, etc. What was the role of the Franks in the war? They helped the British to kill as many Americans as possible and vice-versa, and plundered both nations. That is all. They have their own mission as satanists, i. e., as mankillers, according to CHRIST. This mission, they accomplished with the greatest ardor and joy.*
Rev. D.J. Brouse, Pastor of Grace Episcopal Church, stated: "The Jew never was a real true American. In this war the Central Powers were financed by the Jews with money from America, and this money was used to fight against our own homeland" (Jewish World, July 13, 1921).
Rev. William S. Mitchell, D.D. (Philadelphia) rightly said:
"If there is an ingrate in history, it is the Jew. In this land which befriended him he has conspired, plotted, undermined, prostituted and corrupted, and (hiding to this hour behind the braver screen of other folks), dares to contrive and scheme the death of every Christian principle which has protected him."
"Assimilation of nations in America was condemned by Louis Marshall," a Jewish leader (New York Times, March 2, 1025).
"Religion for Pupils opposed by rabbi S. Schulman of New York" (New York Times, March 2, 1925).
"Rabbi N. Krath of New York denounced censorship of the theatre" (New York Times, March 2, 1925).
This means "white slavery" for the American girl.
"The part which Jews all over the world play in white slavery is one of the foulest blots on our people" (Jewish World, March 18, 1914).
Wherever the Jews are, there a revolt is being staged.
"They only simulated to separate from Judaism, just like fighters who adopt the armour and the flag of the enemy only to strike more surely and annihilate with more strength," ("History of the Jews," by a Jew, Graetz).
The well known Professors Ph. Marshall Brown, of Princeton and A.B. Hart, of Harvard, confirmed the words of E. Renan:
"The Jews do not give wholehearted allegiance to any one land!"

* General Percin revealed that the Jews, who served as artillery officers in the French army, were purposely directing their guns in such a way that the shells killed an enormous number of French soldiers.


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